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Check in and
Check out

How will the check in take place?

Check in it’s the process of identification and the registration of the guests data. If this information it’s previously given to the Hotel, when arriving we will request for the ID or passport to confirm the data and the payment shall be done in case it wasn’t done previously.

A few days before your arrival, you are going to receive an e-mail informing about tour services and a form. The form shall be filled and returned to the Hotel. By doing this process, you will spare time and avoid agglomerations at the Reception. Check your inbox previously.

And the check out?

If you don’t any amount to pay, there is no need to go to the Reception. You shall call us from the room and inform us that you are going to leave the room.

If you have na amount to pay, you shall inform us the time that you are going to leave so we can prepare the bill and avoid agglomerations at the Reception.


How will the meals take place?

The meals will be Complying with the orientations of the Directorate-General of Health.


Which channels shall I use to directly book a room, restaurant and other services?

As always and even more at this time, we reccomend you to use our website, wich is easier, secure and more convenient and also you will find the better online rate available.

If you rather, you can book directly with us through our phone number: +351 266 760 050 or by e-mail:

RESTAURANT AND OTHER SERVICES * room service or "Pátio das Oliveiras" terrace *
Breakfast - 07.00 am / 10.00 am (weekdays) 07.30 am / 11.00 am (weekend)
Mercearia Eborim' Restaurant - Lunch/Snacks: Closed . Dinner/Snacks: 07.00 pm / 10.30 pm . Bar: 08:00 am / 00h00 am
Pátio das Oliveiras - 07:00 am / 10:00 pm
Gym - 07:00 am/ 09::00pm (prior booking mandatory)
Indoor pool - 08:30 am / 09:00 pm (prior booking mandatory)
Outdoor pool - open on the May, 3rd - 09:30 am / 08:00 pm ( depending on the atmospheric conditions / prior booking mandatory)

What is the best form of contact during the stay?

The guest shall privilege the following ways of contact: via telephone in the room, calling the reception, by assuring the booking of the services with all the convenience from your room or smartphone.

Personal protective equipment

Do I have to use a mask in the public spaces of the Hotel?

From December 1st, it is mandatory its use.

In case I forget my mask or I damaged or lost it, can I buy one at the Hotel?

Yes, of course! In case there is no one with you that can go to the Reception, you shall contact us though the telephone of your room or through other available channel and we will deliver the mask to your room for your safety and convenience. The mask will have a cost.

Will all the Staff wear a mask?

Yes, all of our staff will be wearing a mask, promoting health and safety for everyone who visits us. Behind every maks will be the same smile as always.

Hand disinfection

Will I be able to sanitize my hands before and after the meals?

Yes, you can and it’s reccomended that you do.

Is there disinfectant gel dispensers at the Hotel?

Yes, we do have disinfectant gel dispensers available in the main public areas of the Hotel.

Rooms cleaning

The cleaning of the rooms will be done as always?

Yes, our cleaning standards will be the same but now well have extra measures complying with all the orientations of the Directorate-General of Health. In long stays (two or more nights), the guest should indicate if they do not want the cleaning of the room, to the employee of the Reception. Where no such indication exists, the cleaning of the room shall be carried out daily.

Changing Layout Spaces

Will I be able to modify the structure of the places, pulling tables and chairs?

No. The furniture layout was planed to comply with the necessary distance between people and tables. By changing the layout you can compromise the safety of the place. For your convenience, you shall request the staff to help you and we will attend everytime that it’s possible.

Procedures in case of suspicion

In case of suspicion or suggestive signs or symptoms of Covid-19, how shall I proceed?

In case you suspect that you are developing or feeling suggestive symptoms of Covid-19, you shall not leave your room, informing the reception of your concerns, and contact the Portuguese Line of Health (808 24 24 24) or other ways created to this matter and proceed as the instructions given to you on the phone.

Closed spaces

Which spaces and/or services are closed?

Kid's Club,